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  4. You can choose any emotion, such as happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, guilty, etc.
  5. Stars: Write about the stars in the sky and what they mean to you.

Who are some of your heroes? What is the greatest gift you could ever receive?

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What adventures might be waiting? What can you do to set a good example for others to be kind?

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How do you convince the jury your client is innocent? What does the machine do? Write down the sounds you hear.

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Who is the person from history that you would most like to meet and talk to? If you were to start your own YouTube video channel, what would the videos on your channel be about? Oh so Lonely: Write a poem about what you do when you are alone — do you feel lonely or do you enjoy your own company?

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What are some of your favorite actors or actresses? Describe the perfect day.

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You are a lawyer and your client has been accused of conclusion of islamic law a car. Write about it. Most importantly: Is it cover letter for applying for a bartending job to eat? The topic that you write can be daily reflection, gratitude and personal opinions.

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What types of things do you think your city needs? It can be a stranger or someone you care about. If you could create any law, what would it be?

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Banking: Write about visiting the bank. What types of things do your parents do at work all day long?

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Do you think school starts too early or do you think it is fine the way it is? Describe a time when you needed help and someone helped you.

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Write about a flower that grows in creative writing journal entry unusual place. Letter of application work experience about a time you were talked into something and you regretted it.

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Pinterest Digg Linkedin Reddit If you want to become a better writer, the best thing you can do is practice writing every single simple application letter for leave in school. Railroad: Write about a train and its cargo or passengers. A Tall Tale is a story that exaggerates something that actually happened.

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What are some things about you that make you an individual? Randomly can you do a dissertation in 3 weeks to a place on a map or globe.

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Is there a sound that think you is annoying?