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College athletes should not be paid because it is a privilege to play a sport for a college. As time has passed the NCAA has begun to look and function like a business. Don't get me wrong, paying players out of individual athletic department budgets is beyond impractical; it's probably not feasible.

Apart from the time consuming nature, another consideration needs to be made for how much money these athletes help to bring in for their respective schools Normally I would just brush this off, but instead, my heart sunk, because for the first time I realized that this wasn't a joke anymore. Specific Purpose: To persuade the class to agree with my stance on paying college athletes to play sports Thesis: College football is the hours players spend practicing and performing, the number of injuries the players face, and the persona these athletes must portray every day all the while watching their schools, coaches, and the Bewerbungsschreiben fsj grundschule Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA get all the compensation Do Athletes Deserve For Get Paid?

There is only one answer and that is, college athletes should not get paid because it is the worst form creative writing muscles destruction to educational system. While professional athletes are paid to play and can make bundles of money, college athletes are not allowed to receive money or other benefits of cover letter for qa analyst kind even if they acquire this money in a legal and correct fashion.

This definition could also describe a college athlete.

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Would the quality of the broadcasts or the coverage or the staging of the events be somehow diminished? Paying college athletes would also improve the play of and caliber of players involved in college sports, especially college basketball. The same goes for students studying acting in college and performing in school films while also being allowed to act in films outside the school.

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At the present time, student-athletes are considered amateurs. Imagine if you were told that you had to work It would not be fair to all of these other sports athletes not to get paid. College athletes deserve to be paid, if the NCAA is making money from their play. College is where a student gets the opportunity to shine. There seems to have been a rise in scandals in collegiate athletics over the past few years.

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I am a full-time student working to pay for college on my own, so you can probably guess that I'm not the first to sympathize with those that will be leaving college with little to no debt after a few hard practices.

That is exactly what college athletes are being held asked to do.

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Without college athletes, certain colleges and universities would not be recognized. There are stories every year about athletes that go straight to the pros from high school or after only a year of college. They are many points to each side of this recent controversial topic, which is why this has been made into such a hot debate in the past couple of years.

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I see no real point in hindering the athletes in this kind of way when other college students can do work within their majors and not be penalized. In question right now is whether the BCS even conducts its business dealings in a manner consistent with principles expressed in federal anti-trust laws.

The argument to pay college athletes has increased in the last few years. Neither is the student-journalist who spends his nights writing freelance stories and picking up as much money along the way as he science essays with outlines.

Players like Andrew Luck, who are the face of their university, deserve to be compensated. Some say athletes have a full time job and deserve to be paid since they are over-scheduled with many school-related activities. And even if, increasingly, it wasn't enough and virtually every kid who accepted a scholarship was in the red before Christmas of his freshman year, the notion of pay-for-play was at best a logistical nightmare.

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With current television revenue resulting from NCAA football bowl games and March Madness in basketball, there is now a commotion for compensating both football and basketball players beyond that of an athletic scholarship. Big-time schools are running a national entertainment business that controls the Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Let me declare up front I wouldn't be the slightest bit interested in distributing the funds equitably or even paying every college athlete. The argument to compensate and consider college athletes as employees is compelling, but there are some who refuse to see it as such.

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If an athlete is lucky enough to be on full scholarship, which many aren't, they are provided with a food and living stipend. Allowing athletes to sign endorsement deals with brands like Nike and Adidas would be a huge step forward, and it would benefit both the players and the companies.

If a soccer player can't get a dime for his jersey, well, there's a realization in that, too. Having good sports teams brings attention to a school, and people witness that.

The NCAA would just be turning into another professional league.

  1. Their revelations, short of Heisman Trophy winners having to return their statues, wind up penalizing only the kids and coaches who remain on the team and in the vast majority of cases have done nothing to merit a penalty themselves.
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  5. I believe that college sports should be considered a profession.

College athletics have gained much attention and popularity over the past few decades. As long as they are not breaking any state or national laws, then I do not see the harm of any individual trying to make some extra cash.

The current by law is also affecting various aspects of domestic and International students ability to continue to meet eligibility requirements. Scholarships are important because they allow a student who could not usually attend college for free with the only requirement being that they play on the football team.

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Also a question is which division should it end. College universities yearly recruit athletes from all-around the world to show case College Athletes Deserve To Be College writing services words - 7 pages. The NCAA should be legally obligated to compensate athletes, based solely on the fact that the money made, is from their performance.

The Should College Athletes be Paid? I'm interested in seeing the people who produce the revenue law essay assignment help a teeny, tiny slice of it. The players have become employees of the universities and conferences as much as students -- employees with no compensation, which not only violates common decency but perhaps even the college athletes deserve to be paid essay.

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Another reason to consider payment for student athletes is the potential risk of injury. Essay words - 4 pages Are college sports an extracurricular activity or a job? Paying university of new orleans creative writing workshop athletes is not an option.

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Because of this, it only makes sense that college athletes should have some of the same financial opportunities as their professional counterparts. Wikimedia Foundation, 14 Mar. Strictly speaking of per institute, the NCAA should govern a system that collected a form of tax from each university that would be substantial to paying student athletes.

These are just a few of many examples of how the NCAA is deceiving and using these athletes. There are Division 1 schools in college football. This leaves college athletes with little to no time to, get a job, work on homework, and other academic events.

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Many of these bring in a lot of revenue for the college and would deserve to be paid too. This being said, this writer believes that athletes deserve to be paid.

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To outsiders, this seems like a fair trade.