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Revising is the most extensive service. Note: This does not include any copy editing of the text.

Average Freelance Editing Rates (with Price Factors)

Word Count: Normally:? That is, we will assess each word, line, stanza, image, motif, etc. In general, substantive developmental editing requires big-picture thinking and potentially more work for an editor than copy editing.

Consultations include editing, comments, and tracked changes.

We guarantee our help to be constructive and our criticism encouraging. The result is a shorter, more fluid, and more concise text.

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Copy editing verifies that a document adheres to the chosen style guide and grammatically editing services rates and free of spelling errors. What is a hypothesis statement form your publication uses paper proofs or another format, contact me for a rate estimate.

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What is substantive editing exactly? As developmental editor I will coordinate your project from concept to delivery, editing your manuscript and incorporating input from designers, reviewers, and others in consultation with you. If you're thinking about hiring me, I'll be delighted to give you a quote. Substantive editing rates Depending on your requirement, substantive editing for an academic research paper or a book, the length and breadth of the edit will vary.

However, rush delivery status may vary depending on the length of the job.

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We track the estimates they get from writing rest services in node.js professionals, then we share those prices with you. Actual cost of a job will depend on the amount of time it takes us to complete the requested service s. It may even include a unique angle or a profound discovery.

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Having the basic order and structure in place—with all the necessary examples, conclusions, and discussion points in final form is the first step. Easily answered questions from the author and any communication between AWE and the author about poetry after the editing is complete are included in these rates and do not incur further fees, although certain requests might require further consultations, and we will advise you if this is the case.

Rates and Services for Creative Writing

Thank you creative writing manifesto your editing prowess. For fiction, this tier includes a critique of plot development and characterization. Many editors also work in academics or hold advanced degrees, and this fee reflects the value of their time and their expertise.

Proofreading is a final check before printing bipolar creative writing catch typographical errors, formatting or layout problems, and any minor corrections the copy editor may have missed. If you feel the order and structure of your paper is sound, then you may not require a substantive edit.

Research Paper & Document Analysis

Clients review and approve my changes, and make suggested revisions. Editors can help people who are self-publishing a book, completing a dissertation or building a business website to ensure that copy is polished and effective. Contact Services Creative writing my holiday I charge by the page for text in standard manuscript format or the word: see the Payment Information section for more on how that works.

Indeed, we have and continue to help assess, edit, and organize books for writers, and many of these books price increase essay gone on to be published at respected presses.

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Suggesting mode in Google Docs is another option if you don't have access to Word. A paper may include all the right parts such as complete data, logical conclusions, and a detailed discussion on the topic.

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Before your paper is ready for proofreading or copy editing, the substantive editor can provide valuable insight to ensure every word, sentence, and example are relevant and useful.

On average, one double-spaced page has — words. Much of the time, my clients need all three services performed at once because their document has not been line-edited, copyedited, or proofread.

The example below shows the level of editing for the standard package. As such, revision of creative prose usually runs at a rate of pages per hour and communication with author is also factored into the rate.

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Copy editing and line editing are two distinct services. Substantive—or developmental—editing focuses on the structure of an entire project to ensure cohesion and organization throughout.

Initial assessments of creative work and our response about what the price increase essay might need are free. Not sure which plan to choose?

Professional Editing and Proofreading

To be entirely honest, so many editors edit for the sake of leaving fingerprints…but every single time you work on my drafts, they are vastly improved. For first-time potential clients, I'm happy to do a free sample edit of about words of your document upon request. Author Name Impact Factor 5.

I would like to see it before quoting—you can bird creative writing it see the Contact page.

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Clients pay a 25 percent deposit of the total, with the remainder due upon project completion. Please contact us to obtain a specific quote for your needs. But if the topic is something you have not written about before, then perhaps use of substantive editing services is the best first step in ensuring your paper starts out in the right direction.

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In order to give you a quote, I will need to know the number of words in your document. To define substantive editing in simple terms, it is a comprehensive analysis of a work as a whole. I offer thoughtful, direct feedback, and specific suggestions for moving your project forward. You may be interested in reviewing them.

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As proofreader I carefully review each page and check page numbers, headers, spacing, and line breaks, and am alert for typesetting issues such as missing italics and odd font sizes. Some editors coordinate projects entirely online, and others meet with clients in person to kick off projects.

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Copy editing ensures grammatical correctness, accurate spelling, proper language usage, clarity, and overall consistency in style. Several factors affect the cost of professional editing services.

We can typically edit pages, or words, per editing services rates. A substantive editing checklist includes: Analysis of the document as a whole Analysis of each paragraph, sentence, reset paper tray ricoh even word choice if required Suggestions for needed revisions Suggestions for reordering information by paragraph or section Recommendations for removing information or content that is irrelevant or out of place Why would I need a substantive editing service for document analysis?

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Contact me. Typically, clients enjoy the same rates for creative prose as they do for academic or business writing, with a few exceptions. The Standard package is intended for manuscripts that already have a relatively good level of English.

Author Name.

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The editions, and comments let us to have new corrected versions that let of to be published. This service is included in the Premium package. Finally, I can mark up paper manuscripts if necessary.

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Hourly rate

Please note: my policy is not to do substantive editing on student work—sorry. This rate also applies to single works and submission batches of several poems i. Chicago is my default style manual, but I can work with other house styles as needed.

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A substantive editor will look over your paper from a broad to narrow scope with fresh eyes. Tiered editing Depending on the level of editing desired, the per-word or per-page price can be higher or lower.

When satisfied with the edited manuscript, a client can accept all changes to create a clean document.