Guns in mini militia

All the weapons can be used while you play in LAN Wi-Fi, but where in online multiplayer games, you are allowed with limited guns only. You need mini militia pro pack to access all the weapons in online multiplayer games. We discuss all the weapons in detail below



It is the default hand gun where the player respawns as his primary weapon. It doesn’t require pro pack. The Uzi holds in general 40 bullets, where it can extend by 25% by using handgun clip extender. The maximum zoom is 3x.



It is also another default weapon where the player respawns as his primary weapon.

The accuracy of the weapon is high when compared to Uzi. 3-4 shots is enough to get you opponent down. If you have pro pack and using dual wield of double magnum, only 2 shots is enough to kill your opponent. The maximum zoom is 3x.


Desert Eagle

It is the weakest weapon in the game. It is secondary default weapon as long as silenced golden desert eagle is purchased. The maximum zoom is 2x. the weapons holds 15 rounds.

The weapon has poor firing rate and accuracy.



It is the weapon used only with melee button to attack opponents. The strategy of using the weapon in utilized manner is hiding on the bushes and attack them when they come closer to you. The maximum zoom is 1x. It requires pro pack


Riot shield

This weapon requires pro pack and used in the combo of any handgun. It is used to protect from enemy shots. The main disadvantage of using this weapon is ineffective against rockets and melee.



It doesn’t require pro pack. It has large range of 5x zoom which is 3rd maximum zoom range in game. It makes more damage to the opponents with a single burst to the head. The weapon holds 24 rounds per clip.



This rifle has zoom range of 6x.  The weapon holds 6 rounds per clip. It has very good firing rate. The weapon is less effective when compared to M93BA.



It is the best long range weapon of maximum zoom of 7x, which is largest zoom range in the game. With 7x zoom range, you can see almost entire map and attack them easily.

The weapon holds 4 rounds per clip. The great gaming skill and experience is required to use this weapon in full potential.



It is very good weapon with maximum zoom range of 3x. It has very good firing and reloading rate. It is best to use in short range. It doesn’t require propack.



It in not best when compared to MP5 and dual handgun. It may be used as alternative.

It has 35 rounds per clip.


Shot gun

It is the best weapon and most effective in closer range. It has zoom range of 2x.



It is also good weapon after M93BA at longer range. It has 3 rounds per clip. The reload time is very slow.


Saw gun

It is only available in catacombs. If it is used effectively, the player rules the game with high score.

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