Which are the books for IAS PRELIMS?

Which are the books for IAS PRELIMS?

Since you are the UPSC Aspirant, We will assume you that you must be well familiar with the UPSC Syllabus and UPSC Exam Pattern. Well, moving further before giving you the list of books for IAS PRELIMS, We will let you know the small introduction about the UPSC Exam pattern and Civil service Exam Scheduled.

Small Introduction about the UPSC Syllabus is , The UPSC Civil service exam held in three successive stages and commonly this is called the UPSC Civil service Preliminary Exam , UPSC Civil service Mains Exam and UPSC Civil Service  Interview also known as UPSC Personality Test. 

List of Books for IAS Prelims

There are thousands of Books which are listed in the market and most of the books are very important in terms of preparation of IAS Examinations. IAS exam is one of the toughest exams considered to be on this planet. Many Professional and International Media Claims that UPSC Civil Service examination is one of the toughest Exams in this word. The List of Important and the Best Books for IAS Exam are here in this post.

The Books are various for various subjects and the important thing is we have compiled the latest set of IAS Exam Books for Prelims.

You have to buy Books for UPSC like

  • History
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Current affairs and NCERT Books for UPSC Civil services.

Most of the books are very important and most of the time students ignore this fact and they think that they are doing well , But we will suggest You must buy the Books if you are preparing for UPSC Civil Services.

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