What is an EF educational tour?

What is an EF educational tour?

At EF, we’re committed to creating inspiring educational tour itineraries.
Every itinerary that we offer includes compelling educational components that bring school lessons to life. Accompanied by a knowledgeable,
experienced tour director, your students explore great destinations and
experience other cultures firsthand. For a better idea as to how our Edu-
national tours work, see below for what happens on two typical days
during our ‘Florida: Science and NASA’ tour.

Two typical days on ‘Florida; Science and NASA’


Day 4

Visit to Epcot

Spend the day at Epcot—the ‘Experimental Prototype
The community of Tomorrow’. The park’s rides and exhibits
offer a unique combination of entertainment and education. Highlights include Future World, showing the tech-
the analogy of the 21 st century; Body Wars, a rollercoaster
ride through the human body; and Journey into Imagination, the inspiration to the inventors of tomorrow.

Visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
Find yourself in the middle of one of the world’s largest
zoos. See animals from all epochs and regions of the
world while you learn about the delicate balance of
Earth’s biospheres. Your visit includes participation in a
Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) Workshop.


Day 5

Visit to NASA Kennedy Space Center

Touring the Kennedy Space Center is an experience bud-
ding astronauts and stargazers of all ages will never for-
get. From the Visitor Complex, board a shuttle that takes
you to restricted areas of the Space Center. Set eyes on
the Apollo spacecraft that took humans to the moon and
see the Saturn V that made it all possible. Continue on
for a memorable view of the Space Shuttle launch pads
and a behind-the-scenes briefing on what it takes to
launch and land every shuttle mission. You can also
meet a true-blue astronaut! At Astronaut Hall, discover
for yourself what it’s like to be one. Once you suit up,
experience what it feels like to walk on the moon or bar-
rel across rocky Martian terrain. The Hall’s G-force train-
er exhibits a pressure four times the force of gravity.


F’s educational tours are
the most inclusive
Your tour includes:

• 1:6 staff-to-student ratio
• 24-hour tour director
• Comfortable and secure hotels
• Good quality transport
• Breakfast and dinner daily
• Comprehensive sightseeing
• 24-hour worldwide emergency
service and support
• Return flights and airport transfers at
your destination
• Entrance to educational attractions

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