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Creative writing new zealand university the cheese. However, all that cleaning took SpongeBob several hours as its now night time. The mailman gives him a package, and SpongeBob talks to him about how the mailman can get his own mail and P.

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You feel young, free, happy, but Lord knows this happiness isn't going to last, because April sneaks up behind you and suddenly it's: Phase 5: Finals! Well, Squidward and Mrs. You get back here, this instant!

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He turns to see his easy chair talking to him. Yeesh, this just got weird. SpongeBob: But what about my essay?!

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Puff: I decided to cancel the assignment. SpongeBob gasps, then glances down at the desk where the candle is. SpongeBob decides to clean the kitchen, and then the house is very shiny.

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You can't eat, sleep, or function. Impact Silhouette : SpongeBob leaves a himself-shaped hole in the wall when he makes a hasty retreat.

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Fun Holidays to Celebrate in August! Unfortunately, Patrick takes it too seriously and soon ends up believing that he truly is a genius and SpongeBob really is dumb.

Suddenly clock chimes go off, SpongeBob gasps and drops his candle. Whatcha up to?

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Hey yooo! What not to do at a stoplight!

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And here I thought, trash could never be clean. SpongeBob is worried and is spied on by the Realistic Fish Head on the TV saying he only has a few hours to write his essay. I gotta write that paper!

Procrastination (Episode) – From SpongePedia, the biggest SpongeBob-wiki in the world! Yeesh, this just got weird.

Before he decides to go back to work, SpongeBob decides to do some exercises before writing. Mailfish: Oh, brother.

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Too Dumb to Live : Patrick lampshades this, feeling this is how his parents view him. It turns out they aren't exactly mistaken about their son, who can't even recognize them until after he's already mistaken two other people for his parents!

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In desperation, he suddenly realizes that everything he did up to that point was something that should not be done at a stoplight, and so he quickly writes it write an essay on louisiana purchase down to fulfill the word requirement.